The Employer Perspective

  | James Innes

Think it’s unfair that your carefully crafted CV gets only a few seconds’ attention from a prospective employer? Try and understand it from their viewpoint.

For any but the largest companies, which may have a separate HR or personnel department to screen initial candidates, in most cases it is the potential future boss who has to view candidate CVs. This is on top of the normal day job. They may have meetings to attend, reports to write, phone calls to make, deadlines to meet, perhaps a business trip to prepare for, and all the other myriad things that make up a working day. Recruitment is another task to add to an already full “to do” list.

With the best will in the world, they just do not have time to read every CV they receive in detail, especially as for some positions the number of applications received can run into the hundreds. Time to them is usually the resource they lack most. So your CV literally needs to stand out when they scan it for the first time, so that it can be transferred into the “worth a further look” pile.

You owe it to them, and yourself, to make sure the time they invest on your CV is worth the effort. So ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors, that the layout is clear and logical, your accomplishments are well highlighted, and a proper professional profile is included.

Getting a professional CV done by a company such as The CV Centre Ireland can help you get past these initial barriers, and earn that all important interview. For a busy employer with such limited time, you need to make it easier for them to give you a chance.

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