Been made redundant? - What should I say on my CV?

  | James Innes

Many people in their careers can expect to face redundancy at some stage, in the vast majority of cases through no fault of their own. Economic cycles, mergers/takeovers, loss of business or a major contract, new management or the advent of new technologies can all result in a company deciding to downsize.

As a consequence, being made redundant no longer carries any form of stigma. Whilst it may cause a lot of personal stress, inducing feelings of inadequacy, rejection, loss and humiliation, allied to fears about the future, it really is no impediment to having a long and fulfilling career. Many a successful executive has had one, two or even more redundancies during their career, and have still gone on to prosper at the highest levels.

When it comes to preparing your CV, be prepared to be completely honest about the fact that you’ve been made redundant. If your job was downsized, don’t pretend otherwise. Include a contractual end date and a simple reason for leaving such as: "position made redundant due to relocation, or merger”.

If your redundancy was part of a larger downsizing, this could be amplified into a statement such as “redundancy due to divisional closure”.

A candidate should also be prepared to discuss their redundancy when it comes to an interview. Again, be honest about it, mention the reasons, but try to not to come across as bitter or angry. Instead, try to reflect on the skills you learned in your last company, the value you have to offer to a new employer, and remember that it is the position that got made redundant, not the person. More than likely, the person interviewing you will be sympathetic because they have been in the same boat themselves once.

Many people will face redundancy at some stage in their career. However, many people have found redundancy to be an important point in their lives, leading them to new opportunities and challenges which they would never have considered if they had stayed in their old job or employer.

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