How To Create The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet!

  | James Innes

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn: Our Top Tips

How long have you been a member of LinkedIn? If it hasn’t landed you your dream job yet or even put you in front of the right employers or recruiters, perhaps you could be doing more to ensure it does.

Thanks to this newly-released ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet from the people behind hospitality recruitment site, Leisure Jobs, we’re looking at some of the ways you can stand out on the social platform.

The cleverly-created cheat sheet features a host of tips to help you make the most of your profile on LinkedIn and ensure you’re getting the best out of your membership – and not just today but going forwards too. Today on the CV Centre site, then – and without further ado – join us as we bring you just a few of Leisure Jobs’ top tips to ensure you stand out from the crowd on the business networking site. Read on…

Hone Your Profile – It all begins with your LinkedIn profile, which acts as an online CV for recruiters and prospective employers to find out all they need to know about you. If it doesn’t do you justice, how do you expect it’ll help you land that job you’re after?

So today, spend some time honing your profile. Add a new and updated profile picture, consider what you want to say in your bio and think about the kind of experience you want to boast about, too. Make sure your profile is relevant to the sector you’re hoping to make a mark in and always use a dictionary – typos and spelling mistakes just won’t cut it in the ever-competitive jobs market.

…and Don’t Forget to Update it! – So you’ve spent some time working on your LinkedIn profile and it’s looking good. Now make sure you remember to keep it looking that way by adding new experience and qualifications as and when you can. It’ll give the right impression to prospective employers, showing them that your career is important to you and so, therefore, is your progression within it.

Connect with the Right People – For some people on LinkedIn, it’s about quantity; connecting with all and sundry in a bid to look more ‘business-like’ isn’t really what it’s about. Instead, it’s much better to have fewer connections (which are more carefully considered) than 1000+ people who won’t be able to help you move up the jobs ladder in the long-run. Make your mark and stand out in the right way by putting together a well-thought-out introductory email to those you’d like to connect with. Think about writing an article to post on LinkedIn, too, offering other users some insight into your industry or experience – constantly ‘giving back’ will stand you in better stead on the site.

Join the Conversation – There are all kinds of great groups you can join on LinkedIn, which will help you to join a discussion on a particular topic in your preferred industry. Want to be a journalist? Join relevant writing or news groups. Similarly, if you’re looking to break into marketing or recruitment, there will be a group for you on the networking site. Allowing employers to see that you’re active on the site will always give off the right impression. Plus, you may just meet a few friends while you’re on the lookout for a new role.

Want some more advice? Don’t forget to check out Leisure Jobscheat sheet, which features all sorts of tips to help you ace your LinkedIn profile and make your mark in the industry you’re hoping to enter – good luck!

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