Angry Birds Attack Newly Weds

  | James Innes

Philip and Sara Maria’s wedding on 8th October in New South Wales, Australia, should have been one of the happiest days of their lives. But, in a scene more reminiscent of the Hitchcock film The Birds rather than The Wedding Party, their big day was almost ruined when they came under attack by a couple of angry birds.

The newly married couple had travelled to a particularly picturesque spot for the traditional wedding photos when they met a pair of very angry magpies. As soon as the wedding group got out of the car ,the birds began their attack working as a team. Faced with finding another spot or carrying on despite the unwelcome visitors, the wedding party decided to continue with their plans, despite the avian onslaught. The photo shoot began, despite the dangers, with a groomsman shouting warnings each time the magpies began their attacks.

Photographer Karen Parr said “I think we got swooped about 20 times. It was quite scary at the time. We were cursing the birds.” Parr, who has been taking wedding pictures for 9 years, admitted that she found the situation somewhat fraught. “He went for me a few times….I probably screamed a little bit loud”.

The happy couple were more relaxed about it. The new Mrs Maria was an “amazing bride”, said Parr. “She just rolled with it”. Meanwhile her husband was so pleased with the resulting photo of the magpies zeroing on their heads – “he was quite chuffed with it”- he made it his Facebook profile picture straight away.

Australian magpies are known particularly to attack during the months of August and September, which is known as the “swooping season”, when their chicks are in the next.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, there were 801 attacks last year in New South Wales alone.

Source: BBC

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