Recruitment Consultants become TV stars

  | James Innes

Millions of viewers of The X Factor, one of the UK’s top rated TV shows, have been following the exploits of a middle aged rapper called Honey G. who, despite not being able to sing, or dance, and being regarded as a joke by music critics and show judges alike, remains in the competition when more talented competitors have been vanquished. She clearly has support from the public, even though chief judge, Simon Cowell, declared after her first appearance, “please, please just end this”.

Despite this, she has continued to survive the weekly vote, with even Cowell declaring after her most recent appearance: “I thought you weren’t serious when you first came in. But now I realise that you are. And here’s the weird thing….I loved it.”

That is by no means the weirdest thing about Honey G. who, in real life, is unrecognisable without her dark glasses and rapper clothing. In everyday life Honey G. is Anna Georgette Gifford, Managing Director of her own recruitment firm, ARG Search, and with a successful career in the recruitment industry behind her, having worked for firms such as code IT, Mortimer Spinks and InterQuest Group.

Whilst on the face of it Gifford’s two different careers appear to have very little in common, one of her former bosses noted she had qualities that made her stand out from the crowd.

Lloyd Moore, who recruited Gifford into InterQuest before going on to set-up his own recruitment training provider, told Recruiter Magazine that he was struck by her boldness on meeting her for the first time. “We gave her the name Fearless. She was very driven and very motivated to succeed……She would just pick up the phone and speak to anyone. That was the thing that really stood out when we got her on this job”.

According to Moore, Anna’s alter ego, Honey G. clearly has no problems presenting herself, and, although she may have the worst dance moves ever, at least she is giving it a go. “This links back to what I saw of her as a recruiter – she would absolutely give it the beans”.

Meanwhile, another recruitment consultant, Trisha Thaknar, is a not only a contestant in this year’s BBC series of “The Apprentice”, but is among the current favourites to win because of her” energy and strong opinions”

Whether it is a coincidence, or whether both ladies are showing that the recruitment industry teaches you skills which you can transfer to widely different walks of life, viewers will continue to follow their progress with interest.

Perhaps the last word belongs to Gifford and her trademark chant “When I say Honey, you say G!”


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