Why you should NOT use a CV or Resume template!

  | James Innes

Many people are under the impression that they are the best person to write their own CV or resume seeing as how it is their own career and qualifications that they will be talking about.  The Internet makes it easy to get hold of a template, which might seem reasonably professional in appearance, enabling you to simply insert your own information into it to create the finished document.  Easy as that!  Or is it…

Does A Template Do The Job?
Searching online for "CV Template" or "Resume Template" will reveal up to half a million results in the UK alone offering either to let you download a template for free or to purchase one for a small (and sometimes not so small!) fee.

Click on ‘download’, or get your credit card out if necessary, and you will soon be ready to start inserting your personal information into that template.  Your winning CV is guaranteed!  Or so you might think…

Professional CV/Resume versus Template Downloads
The first thing you should look at when considering these template downloads is who is offering this sort of advice?  Are they qualified to do so?  Our experience shows that even recruitment consultants can produce poor CVs & resumes; in fact, we currently work with many leading recruitment agencies to offer advice in this area. As market leaders, The CV Centre specialises in professional CV writing – it’s what we’re best at.  By choosing to work with us, rather than simply downloading a template, you will benefit from:

  • Our unparalleled reputation as the world's most popular CV and resume writing service
  • A highly skilled and trained team of CV/resume writing professionals from various backgrounds
  • Extensive experience within our own, and related, sectors
  • Outstanding knowledge of the recruitment process, from graduates to senior executives
  • Guarantees that confirm our confidence in the service we provide compared with our competitors
  • Numerous testimonials, and recommendations, from hoards of highly satisfied customers!

Free CV or CV For a Fee?
So, our services may not be free, but we are confident that we can produce an extremely high quality, high impact CV or resume which can achieve much better results than a template that you have filled in yourself.  You wouldn’t cut corners in a job interview so you shouldn’t don’t so with your CV!

Our clients include people from all industry sectors and at all different stages of their careers, from recent graduates to senior executives.  They are all looking to make a significant change in their professional lives and, as such, want their CV or resume to help them to achieve the success they desire.

Can You Really Sell Yourself to Recruiters?
If, for example, you have been working as an office manager – or even a lawyer – for the past ten years, you will doubtless possess the skills and experiences required to carry out your job to the best of your abilities.  You will also be eager to ensure that potential employers who read your CV/resume grasp the full nature of your experience.  But this does not necessarily mean that you have the skills required to write that exceptional CV/resume to really sell yourself and consequently maximise your career potential.

The CV Centre
To ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our clients, we employ a team of expert CV and resume writers with experience in HR and recruitment and backgrounds in a broad variety of industry sectors. To help create the best possible CV or resume for you, we make sure that:

  • All our consultants pass a comprehensive induction course so that we can verify the quality of their work before hiring them
  • We assign your CV/resume to a consultant with specific knowledge of your industry
  • Your consultant uses their experience to include only the most relevant and important information in your CV/resume, and in the most effective way possible
  • We don’t use a rigid template, enabling us to tailor your CV/resume precisely to your needs
  • With prospective employers having to sort through a vast amount of CVs/resumes for each advertisement they place, your CV/resume must attract their attention immediately with both its appearance and its content. Our consultants know exactly how to do this.

How Much Will This Cost Me?
We are aware that, for many of our clients, cost is a major factor – and we also understand nobody will agree to pay for a service that they think they can get somewhere else for free.  That is why we make sure to offer a service that cannot be found for free – we will prepare you a unique, highly professional CV that is not simply a generic template with your information slotted in the right boxes.

Because of our market-leading position, we are able to offer prices that are truly competitive.  Some of the companies that will offer to sell you a CV template will charge fees almost the same as ours while expecting you to put in all the hard work!

Our fees are some of the lowest around and we are confident that you will see this as an investment in your future and an important first step towards securing the job that you wish for – and deserve.

Our Unrivaled Guarantees
Our major competitors are quite unable to offer you the same powerful guarantees that we can.  These are:

  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not 100% happy, we will revise your CV until you are. Simple as that. Customer service is our top priority - always has been and always will be.
  • Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If, for any reason whatsoever, you decide you just don't want to take your order any further then we'll simply cancel it immediately and refund your money accordingly. No questions asked.

We’re able to offer you these guarantees because we know you’ll be delighted with your new CV or resume.

An Unparalleled Reputation
The CV Centre has achieved a well-earned reputation as the leading CV and resume writing consultancy in the world and has been featured in most of the national newspapers as well as numerous magazines and, in addition to regular participation in a variety of recruitment fairs as guest speakers, etc. we have also been the subject of a variety of television and radio broadcasts.  What we are most proud of, however, are the numerous testimonials from satisfied customers which are on display throughout our website.

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