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Graduate Job-Seekers Guide
  | James Innes
A degree course can zoom by at lightning speed, what with the whirlwind of societies, student union events, yet another beer promotion and ... oh yes, all those lectures, seminars, essays and final exams....
Managing the Study-to-Workplace Transition
  | James Innes
As the immediate sense of relief at having finished your final exams begins to fade, a graduate's next challenge is often managing the transition between study and the workplace....
Temping Tips For Graduates
  | James Innes
After you have emerged from the long hard slog of final exams, the next item on the agenda for most graduates is likely to be launching your career....
Graduate Study Abroad
  | James Innes
Study abroad is often a very rewarding experience - it can also be very challenging....
  | James Innes
A graduand is defined as a university student who has finished all of their studies but has not yet fully graduated....
Personality Profiles
  | James Innes
Personality Profiles have been developed as a means of assessing an individual's character and abilities and are often used by employers to ensure that a candidate is suitable for a specific role. ...
Professional Qualifications
  | James Innes
An increasing number of industry sectors are seeking applications from people with professional qualifications, both as an alternative to formal academic qualifications, or in addition to them. ...
Working Abroad
  | James Innes
Relocating to work overseas, either during a gap year or on a permanent basis, is a life-changing decision and there are a number of considerations that should be taken into account before you make your move....
Going Freelance
  | James Innes
Freelance workers are self-employed professionals who are generally home-based and, rather than working for one particular employer, are responsible for generating their own client base and undertaking work on an ad hoc basis....
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