😷 Coronavirus & Your Career

Our guide to staying on track with your career while forced to work from home.

Job Losses, Unpaid Leave and Uncertainty Mounting As Coronavirus Spreads

As world governments take action to stop the spread of coronavirus, more and more companies are urging their employees to work from home. Not every company can adapt so job losses and extended periods of unpaid leave have, sadly, become inevitable with many already affected. Now is not the time for complacency - stay home, stay safe and stay active in your career by following these useful tips to future proof your prospects, whatever your current situation.

The coronavirus has changed the job market almost overnight. The global outbreak has seriously impacted the economy and job security. It will have long-lasting, game-changing ramifications. There will be sectors, companies and workers that may benefit from this near-tragedy. Unfortunately, we will also witness industries that are severely harmed.
~ Forbes.com


In times of uncertainty like now, you should not wait for the worst case scenario of losing your income. Start looking for a new work from home friendly job, or even a temporary remote job by updating your CV & LinkedIn Profile.

Rewrite your CV
Update your LinkedIn Profile
Write your Cover Letter
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Check out remote-friendly or work from home jobs - ones that you can do from home while self-isolating. You never know - these may lead to permanent jobs once the virus passes.

How to work from home
Maintain a routine
Get up, washed and dressed at the usual time! Doesn't have to be work attire - got to be some perks to isolation!
Carve out a dedicated workspace
Ideally somewhere light, airy and away from distractions! And somewhere with a door that you can close behind you at the end of the shift!
Take Breaks
Just as you would in the office, take regular coffee breaks and a full lunch break. Ideally, get some fresh air and exercise - remembering to keep your distance!
Working remotely doesn't mean you are on your own. Keep in contact with colleagues through email, live chat or even video calls.


Depending on the job, completing an application form or writing a personal statement might be required. Getting this right is key to landing an interview.

It is also essential that you target your CV and cover letter towards each job role you apply for by including keywords and phrases from the job description.
With increased demand for a limited number of job opportunities, optimising your application and submitting it before the competition is key.


Coronavirus is forcing interviews to go online. Our tips for you in order to stand out from the rest is to make sure:

Your internet is fast enough

Test your internet speed and confirm that it measures above 10 Mbps.

You have a good webcam

We recommend this Logitech camera for video conferencing with 1080p clarity.

You have a good headset

Being heard clearly & hearing your interviewer's every word is vital during an interview.

Avoid using a smartphone or tablet unless you have a headset plugged in.
Practice Your Interview Skills & Test Your Setup

Call a friend or relative to test your setup or have a call with one of our professional interview coaches

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