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We have listed below all the most common queries our clients have. Whenever someone asks us a new question, whether by phone, by email or by post, we make a note of it and ensure the answer appears here to help other clients in the future.

What happens after I send my order in?
Once we receive your order, it will be allocated to a consultant, according to which profession you're in. Once they've prepared a draft version, your consultant will upload a draft to your order for you to review and return feedback to clarify any minor points or to build up on any weaker areas. Just to get it absolutely right before we send the draft version out for your approval.
How long does the service take?
Once you have ordered, you will have your first draft within 3-5 working days for graduate, junior and intermediate orders or 7-10 days for senior orders except during periods of high demand where this might take a day or so longer. If you're on a really tight deadline, you can even opt for one of our express services with turnaround times for your first draft as fast as 6 hours.
Do I need to come in?
No! Not at all. We work primarily over the internet through our web site where you are able to directly message back and forth with your consultant and our staff. If you have ordered a Telephone Consultation we will also be in touch via phone, Skype or other elected calling method.
Do I need to fill out all of your blank details form?
No. If you have an existing CV which covers all the questions of the application form then you can simply send us this instead.
Do you keep my CV on file in case I want to make changes later?
Yes, we keep your details on file indefinitely, so you can come back to us at any time to place an order and get your CV updated.
What are your fees?
For full details of our fees, please check out our full list of services, here. There you can see full details of our pricing with no obligation to actually place an order.
Why are your prices lower than your competition? Are they better?!
We are the market leaders, so the sheer volume we deal with keeps our prices among the very lowest. This in no way compromises the quality of our work.
Why isn't your pricing based on the number of pages?
Typing and word processing services charge according to the number of words or pages. Professional CV writing services don't.
When do I pay?
In common with most other CV writing services, we do take payment at the time of order. But, unlike some other CV writing services, all our work is of course fully guaranteed by both our 100% Moneyback Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Why do you take payment in advance?
Principally, once we have a client on board, they tend to become a client for life, coming back to us regularly for updates, further help, etc. And we feel that having to chase clients for payment jeopardises that relationship. Also, this policy eliminates bad debts and keeps our costs and hence our fees at a minimum. We believe this to be for the overall benefit of our clients.
Do you offer discounts for the unemployed?
Sorry, no. A lot of our clients are of course unemployed, but our fees are as low as we can get them.
How long have you been in business for?
The CV Centre was formed in 1998 and is now nearly 20 years old. It brings together an international team of employment consultants, each with many years experience in their respective fields - as Personnel and HR Managers, Recruitment Consultants, Outplacement Strategists, etc.
What's your success rate like?
It's not logistically practical to follow up on every client, but we judge our success rate on the amount of repeat business and personal recommendations we receive. Once a client has a CV prepared they'll more often than not come back for an update once they've got a new job. So, in general, we know our clients are very happy.
How long will/should my CV be?
It's impossible to say. One page as an obvious minimum. Two pages as an average. Three as a maximum. At least in the UK. It very much depends on your particular circumstances and your consultant's professional opinion.
Can you tell me what my chances are of getting a new job?
That's very hard to say! Obviously, a professional CV will be a great help but after that you're effectively on your own for interview, although we do offer a range of books which provide help and advice in this area as well as one on one interview coaching.