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Work with a CV writer.



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Work with a CV writer.



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Work with a CV writer.



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Support for career change.
Work with a senior CV writer.


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3-Day Turnaround Average* Express Delivery Pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire a LinkedIn profile writer?

In Ireland, recruiters don’t only look at your CV but also pay attention to your LinkedIn profile. Whether you have one already or want to create one, the best way to ensure that it is professional and polished is to hire a LinkedIn profile service. Simply adding your basic info isn’t enough to appeal to recruiters these days—your profile needs to contain the right keywords, showcase your skills and achievements and utilise the platform to its highest potential. Working directly with an expert LinkedIn profile writer will ensure that your profile is inviting, up to date with the latest industry standards and gets the highest possible visibility to attract recruiters across Ireland.

How much does a LinkedIn consultant cost?

For clients in Ireland, our four LinkedIn profile services’ prices range from €50 to €200. What you choose should depend on your years of experience and your industry. For example, the best choice for entry-level LinkedIn profiles will be the €50 service and those in niche professions, like STEM and medicine, would benefit from the €200 service.

No matter what you choose, we guarantee the lowest prices, unlimited revisions and excellent quality profiles.

Why use a Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing Service?

Having a professionally written profile makes this much more likely, dramatically increasing your chances of getting the job you want. Do you know which skills to use for your industry? How about which keywords to use when writing your profile? Our expert LinkedIn writers can help with these and much more! So what are you waiting for? Order our LinkedIn writing service and we will give your online profile the boost it needs to get you the job you deserve!

LinkedIn is different from a CV but just as important.

What does our LinkedIn profile writing service include?

We'll give your profile a complete overhaul. We will:

  • Research and provide search engine optimised keywords so that recruiting managers can easily find you
  • Completely re-write your profile in the first person narrative
  • Write a profile that shows your professional personality and makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Provide an enticing summary that captures who you are, what you are doing and what you want from your career
  • Eliminate all spelling and grammar mistakes from your profile
  • Make sure your profile has calls to action so that you get contacted
Please note that this service involves the provision of a document file containing a full write-up of the various sections of a LinkedIn Profile that may be easily copied and pasted into a live profile. We do not undertake to directly log in to or create profiles on behalf of our clients - this is a security measure to ensure the safety of your personal information and confidentiality of your login credentials.


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They really listen and get it right first time
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Fantastic service, Stephanie re-wrote my CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter - I was delighted with end result, she really listened to what I needed and crafted them beautifully within a short amount of time and with minimal changes on the first pass! Well exceeding my expectations. This is an investment well worth spending when your looking to move roles. Highly recommend.

Informative and helpful
Reviewed on | Advanced Career LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

I am only new to linked in but my writer James was happy to help me update my profile and make sure it looks good for potential recruiters.

Anne R
Very professional
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Claire really helped me to update and improve my LinkedIn profile to be ore informative and more reflective of my skills and experience.

Reviewed on | Next Step LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Would recommend if you have no idea about LinkedIn

Great service
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

George was great to deal with and I appreciate his efforts and good work

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